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When it comes to Green – We’re taking the High Road

We are constantly implementing latest green initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, improve waste reduction, conserve water and lessen our other impacts on the environment.

These are some of the greener transport initiatives we have implemented:

E-WASHA Vehicle Wash Water Recycling

We recognise that South Africa and Namibia is a water-stressed region; and that every business and individual has to play their part in water conservation and protection against water pollution. We make use of the environmentally-friendly E-WASHA vehicle Wash Water Recycling solution at our Cape Town and Johannesburg branches.
- No chemicals are used in this 100% natural biological process
- 100% of our vehicle wash waste water is recycled
- We save up to 90% of the water used in the vehicle washing process, and top this up by harvesting rainwater at our depot sites.Read more

Eco-Logic Awards 2012 Finalist
Click here to view our finalist cerificate in the water conservation category of the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic awards in association with SABC3.

Curbing Vehicle Emissions Using Euro III Engines

We have an on-going project to install Euro III technology in the engines of our luxury coaches and vehicles. 60 % of fleet has now been completed, and adhere to the 2000 European emission standards for vehicles. Due to the lack of availability of bio-fuels in South Africa, the Euro III standards are the highest that can be currently reached. Read more

Oil Exchange with the ROSE Foundation

Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter participates in the oil exchange programme of the ROSE Foundation. ROSE stands for Recycling Oil Saves the Environment, and this non-profit organisation manages the environmentally acceptable collection, storage, recycling and reprocessing of used lubricating oil in South Africa. Read more

Tyre Exchange

In order to reduce our waste, we exchange tyre casings with our supplier for recycling and reprocessing. Read more

CTrack Technology

We make use of energy-saving CTrack technology for the on-going monitoring and management of our fleet. This technology switches intelligently between Satellite, GPRS and SMS communications in order to achieve constant, cost-effective and energy-efficient real-time tracking of all our vehicles and driver performance. Read more

Green and Safety Ambassadors

To ensure that environmental awareness permeates our operations, we have appointed and trained Green Ambassadors at each of our depots to oversee our green initiatives and integrate them with our Health & Safety protocols.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Throughout our operations, from office administration to vehicle maintenance, we actively reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Trees for Tourism

We like to show our appreciation for our clients in a positive and meaningful way. Rather than the run-of-the mill corporate gifts, we like to purchase trees on their behalf. We do this through Trees for Tourism, a platform that benefits both carbon offsetting and biodiversity conservation through a reforestation project. Read more

Conservation on Wheels

Springbok Atlas Charter is part of a public-private partnership with the non profit organisation, Valhalla Arts and the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife government department in the implementation of the innovative Conservation on Wheels programme. This initiative promotes and facilitates visits by people with disabilities to KwaZulu-Natal Game Parks and Nature Conservation areas. These visits highlight the importance of making transport and wildlife experiences accessible to people with disabilities. It is hoped that Conservation on Wheels will also inspire the young people with disabilities that we transport to take an active interest in nature and wildlife, and perhaps aspire to a fulfilling career in Nature Conservation. Every year, we transport more than 2000 passengers for this worthwhile project, and our annual contribution of coach days is valued at over R300 000.

Sustainability Report – 2012

Key Highlights

Electricity purchased – page 27

Water purchased – page 28
Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter and Atlas Passenger Transport both make use of water recycling solutions at its Cape Town and Johannesburg branches. This process recycles 100% of wash waste water and uses no chemicals. The operations also harvest rainwater at the depot sites and use this to supplement the water required.

Waste Management – page 30
Springbok Atlas has an on-going programme to reduce, reuse and recycle waste throughout its operations, from office administration to vehicle maintenance. It exchanges tyre casings with its supplier for recycling and reprocessing. The operation has an on-going project to install Euro III technology in the engines of its vehicles. To date 60% of fleet has now been fitted with these technologies and adheres to the 2000 European emission standards for vehicles. Due to the lack of availability of bio-fuels in South Africa, the Euro III standards are the highest that can be currently reached. However, as low sulphur fuel becomes more readily available in South Africa, the company will investigate Euro 5 standards.