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We transport the best


We transport the best

Springbok Atlas

Our Beginnings

From humble beginnings that go back to 1946 and involved one bus transporting groups from the Johannesburg area to the Kruger National Park, we have grown into one of the largest, complete luxury transport management companies in South Africa and Namibia. Today, Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter has a fleet of over 80 luxury vehicles, and we are owned by Cullinan Holdings.

Our Geographical Range

Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter operates throughout South Africa and Namibia. We have headquarters in Johannesburg, and branches in Cape Town, Durban and Namibia.

Our Track Record

As testimony to the quality of our fleet, our exemplary safety record and high levels of customer service, Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter often holds the position as transport Service Provider of Choice, such as during the 2012 Soccer World Cup. Our varied client base includes tour operators, corporates, incentive experts, government departments, conference organisers, event managers, sports bodies and educational institutions. We know what our customers need and expect – safety and reliability; hygiene, comfort and attentiveness; a complete, professional transport management system.

Our Safety Standards

Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of our passengers and high levels of customer service. We take full responsibility for the checks, maintenance and servicing of our luxury coaches and vehicles.
Our Fleet – We have specifically chosen to invest in the most modern and sophisticated luxury vehicles available to ensure that we offer world-class safety standards – from roller bars safety to advanced brake and retarder technologies.
Vehicle Maintenance – Our fleet is kept in immaculate condition, and we carry out services well within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every vehicle undergoes comprehensive pre-departure, overland and safety inspection checks. All our new luxury coaches and vehicles have individual seat belts.
Constant Tracking – Our sophisticated on-board communications and tracking systems enable constant real-time contact and monitoring of both fleet and driver performance.
Driver Performance – All our full- and part-time drivers undergo comprehensive performance management. We employ our own driver trainer who engages our drivers in an on-going training and assessment programme. On-board computers provide constant monitoring for performance enhancement.
Insurance and Indemnity
Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter carries extensive comprehensive passenger liability insurance cover on all vehicles operated and services arranged by it.

Safety and Operating Permits

All Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter coaches and vehicles carry the necessary safety and operating permits required under South African and Namibian Laws.