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Safety Record

Safety First

We’ve been in business for more than 65 years, and Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter has an exemplary safety record. When it comes to both our vehicles and our drivers, we leave nothing to chance.

Vehicle Maintenance
  • We take full responsibility for the checks, maintenance and servicing of our luxury coaches and vehicles
  • Our fleet is kept in immaculate condition, and we carry out services well within the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Every vehicle undergoes comprehensive pre-departure, long distance and overland checks which include steering, tyres and brake tests
  • All our new luxury coaches and vehicles have individual seat belts
Driver Performance
  • All our full- and part-time drivers undergo comprehensive performance management
  • We employ our own driver trainer who engages our drivers in an on-going training and assessment programme
  • On-board computers provide constant driver monitoring for performance enhancement
Constant Tracking
  • Our sophisticated on-board communications and tracking systems enable constant real-time contact and monitoring
Drivers of the Month

Through our constant monitoring of driver performance, we are able to provide our drivers with constant feedback and address any training needs. Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter encourages safe, reliable and resource-wise driving by incentivising the top 5 drivers of each month.

Top 5 Drivers of July 2012

The Greener Option – We are committed to responsible business and travel, and we have an array of activities to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally-friendly. Read more